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Mini Yoga

Welcome to Cedar Park Nursery. We are fortunate enough to have three members of staff working within the Nursery. Mrs Ackland, (class teacher), Mrs Delmaine and Mrs Wilkinson.

Nursery and Reception work together as an Early Years department to ensure that the curriculum and environments are exciting and stimulating. All children have access to a wide range of resources in our indoor and outdoor classrooms.


Our topic this half term is 'Traditional Stories.' We will be re-enacting stories, making bridges, building houses and dens and making large story maps. The children will enjoy taking part in weekly puppet shows, playing 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' Making story cakes and eating porridge!

MONDAY: 'Show and Tell'
We have completed the sound of the week. Please refer to the newsletter for the new focus letters and numbers of the week. Please could your child bring in a book or object related to our topic to show the class.

We make yummy things with Mrs Delmaine and Mrs Ellerby

FRIDAY: Library
Please ensure your child's book is in their bookbag every friday
Mini Yoga, please make sure your child is wearing comfortable clothes


Thank you for coming in every morning to help your child write their name. Nursery are doing incredibly well with their writing and we really do appreciate your support. If your child still needs a little help please keep popping in. Thank you

This half term our indoor role play area will be made into a 'story cottage' and our outdoor role area is a stage for 'story performing.'

  Waterproof coat
  Water in a named bottle
  Named wellies
  Change of clothes
  Sensible shoes

And a smile!
I'm sure your little ones are full of beans ready for the final summer half term.......We certainly are!


Best Friends

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14 Meet Rocky
Picture 15 Magic being naughty
Picture 16 Squeaky guinea pigs
Picture 17 Very brave!
Picture 18 Pleased to hold everything!
Picture 19 .........cute!
Picture 20 ........furry
Picture 21 ........squeaky
Picture 22 Ahh what's on my head!
Picture 23 New hair do
Picture 24 Hmmm not sure about this!
Picture 25 Balance
Picture 26 How do I look?
Picture 27 Don't move a muscle!
Picture 28 Don't jump!
Picture 29
Picture 30 Stay very very still
Picture 31 Very gentle
Picture 32 Soft rabbits
Picture 33 Feeding rabbits
Picture 34 Don't hop off!
Picture 35 Having a cuddle
Picture 36 Ahhhhhh!
Picture 37 Feeding the guinea pigs
Picture 38 Bad hair day!
Picture 39 Munch munch
Picture 40 Yummy celery
Picture 41 Hmmm who shall I take home?
Picture 42 Mad hair day!
Picture 43 Feeding time
Picture 44 There we go!
Picture 45 Making friends
Picture 46 Meet......
Picture 47 Scooby.......
Picture 48 the owl......
Picture 49 Making cakes
Picture 50 Click and drag.......
Picture 51 Investigating
Picture 52 Small world
Picture 53 Sticking
Picture 54 Sharing
Picture 55
Picture 56
Picture 57
Picture 58 who likes .......
Picture 59 having his photo taken.
Picture 60 Say cheese
Picture 61 Scooby.......
Picture 62 is happy ......
Picture 63 To pose for every.......
Picture 64 photo......
Picture 65 with.......
Picture 66 everyone.......
Picture 67 in our.........
Picture 68 Nursery.......
Picture 69 class.
Picture 70 Very gentle
Picture 71 Very brave
Picture 72 Very happy
Picture 73 Very pleased
Picture 74 Very careful
Picture 75 Very proud
Picture 76 Kind and gentle
Picture 77 Anyone hungry?
Picture 78 Concentrating
Picture 79 Look at me!
Picture 80 Look at this!
Picture 81 Wow
Picture 82 Uh oh!
Picture 83 I think I like mice??!
Picture 84 Munch munch
Picture 85 Crunch crunch
Picture 86 Ah lovely........
Picture 87 Look at my mouse!
Picture 88 Tickling
Picture 89 Feeding meal worms to meerkats
Picture 90 Meerkat manor
Picture 91 What's that?
Picture 92 I really, really, really......
Picture 93 don't like mice!
Picture 94 Stroking
Picture 95 Meet Scooby
Picture 96 African Pygmy hedgehogs
Picture 97 Meet Rocky
Picture 98 Who sometimes says hello
Picture 99 Who's there?
Picture 100 Vehicles
Picture 101 Making
Picture 102 Sand castles
Picture 103 Pouring
Picture 104 Building roads
Picture 105 Covered in paint
Picture 106 Very very messy
Picture 107 Goodbye song
Picture 108 Washing feet
Picture 109 We love paint!
Picture 110 1 2 3 blow.....
Picture 111 Happy Birthday!
Picture 112 Ramps
Picture 113 Who's sitting in my chair?
Picture 114 Writing table
Picture 115 3 sand castles!
Picture 116 Train tracks
Picture 117 Having a chat over a snack.
Picture 118 Balancing
Picture 119 Say cheese!
Picture 120 Up high
Picture 121 X factor
Picture 122 Teamwork
Picture 123 Steady....
Picture 124 Ahhhhhh
Picture 125 Carefully......
Picture 126 Hard day at the office
Picture 127 Bruce Springsteen!
Picture 128 Great writing
Picture 129 Yummy!
Picture 130 Delightful!
Picture 131 Writing
Picture 132 Decorating
Picture 133 Happy Birthday
Picture 134 Creating
Picture 135 Peekaboo!
Picture 136 Best buddies
Picture 137 Friends
Picture 138 What do you want for dinner?