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Welcome to Nursery!


We would like to welcome you to our Nursery page. Here you will find information and photographs about our daily learning.


Our topic for this half-term is 'Celebrations'




What do I need on which day?


Monday: Show and Tell linked to the sound of the week on our focus board (details below)

Tuesday: Ben Bear's Diary when we hear about Ben Bear's adventures over the weekend

Wednesday: Cooking on alternate weeks

Thursday: Library Day - please make sure your child's book is in their bag

Friday: We find out who Ben Bear is going to go home with for the weekend.....


Focus Board:

  • Week 1: n, 7, circle, pink
  • Week 2: m, 8, square, white
  • Week 3: d, 9, triangle, black
  • Week 4: g, 10, rectangle, grey
  • Week 5: o, 1, star, brown
  • Week 6: c, 2, oval, gold
  • Week 7: k, 3, diamond, silver


Habits of Mind

In Nursery we begin to learn some of the habits of mind that scaffold our learning. In the Autumn term we will be focusing on the habits of 'Perseverance' and 'WOW'


Penny Perseverance (a puppet) has already been looking to see who can try and try again at something new and tricky.


'Wow' is when a child becomes competent at something new. At school this could be writing their name in their play or at home this could be swimming without armbands. Let us know if you see any 'Wow's' please!