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Welcome to Reception Class!



Our topic this half term is 'Animals'.


Here is a guide for you when deciding what to bring in for Show and Tell on a Monday. Please send in one item only.
Thank you!

Week 1 - Sea creatures. Can you name some? Which sea do they usually live in? What do they eat? We will also be celebrating the Chinese New Year - The Year of the Dog 

Week 2 - Wild animals - where do they live in the wild? Have you seen a wild animal? Can you describe your favourite wild animal? What noise does it make and what does it eat?

Week 3 - Pets - can you name some? Do you know the names of any unusual pets? Who looks after them? What happens if they become unwell? Do you have a pet? How do you look after it?  

Week 4: Dinosaurs - do they still exist? What name is given to meat eating dinosaurs? Did some dinosaurs eat plants? Can you name and describe a dinosaur? This week is also Science Week and there will be some exciting workshops to visit. 

Week 5: Farm animals - can you name a farm animal and its baby e.g. cow and calf / horse and foal? What sounds are you likely to hear on a farm?  Who might live and work on a farm? Where do the animals sleep? What do they eat? What happens if they become unwell? Can you describe a farm? Do you know a song about a farm? Can you remember the types of transport you might find on a farm (remember our topic last half term!)?

Week 6: Bugs and insects - where might you see some? How do they get around? Which ones can you name? What do they eat? Can you describe one?


We will be learning some animal songs. Can you teach our class a song that you already know?


We will be making non-fiction pages for a class book about animals.

Picture book stories will include:


The Rainbow Fish

The Shark in the Park

Various poems

Dear Zoo

Monkey Puzzle

Giraffes Can't Dance

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs and other stories

The Pig in the Pond

A Squash and a Squeeze

Mr Scarecrow's Wedding

The Scarecrow Who Didn't Scare


Non-fiction books  - bugs and insects, dinosaurs, pets and wild animals



Habits of Mind: There will be a different focus each week. Please ask your child for more information.


Growth Mindset: Talk to your child about Ruby Reflection and Robert Resilience - what are they good at in school?

If you would like to come and talk to the children about a current or previous job related to our topic, please speak to one of the EYFS team.



My classroom door is always open, but if I am otherwise engaged you can always arrange a time to see me via the school office. I am looking forward to a fantastic first term full of fun and learning! smiley

Useful reminders:
A named water bottle and waterproof coat should be brought into school every day.

Show and Tell: (topic related items only please / one per child).
Reading books and Reading : Books go home. Please make a short comment about your child's reading and interest in the book/s. If you have any queries please come and see me. Reading books and records should be kept in your child's book bag every day.



Cooking: On alternate weeks (usually topic related). Thank you for your contribution towards the cost of ingredients.



PE: Please make sure that a PE kit is in school at all times (it can be left on your child's peg until the end of each half term). 

Library day: we visit our school library and select one book to bring home each week. Please make sure that library books are returned every Friday morning prior to our next visit. Unfortunately we are not able to issue a new book unless the previous one has been returned.

Hugo Dog: goes home at the end of the day and is returned on Monday morning.

Hugo dog

Hugo is our cuddly dog. He will be coming home for the weekend with your child sometime during their time in reception. Here is a message from him:

Hello, my name is Hugo and I am pleased that I am coming home with you this weekend. I have brought lots of things with me in my bag as I will need to change my clothes and brush my teeth after eating. Please bring me back to school on Monday morning and don't forget to write about our adventures (on an A4 sheet) for your Learning Journey. You can add photographs if you like! I am looking forward to having lots of fun with you.

Please make sure you pack my belongings in my bag on Sunday. If any of them are lost or broken they will need to be replaced please as I plan to visit all the children in our class.

With love from

Hugo xx

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Please remember to look at our current class newsletter for more detailed information about our learning.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Franek.



World Book Day 2018. Sharing books with Year 4.

Space Drama Workshop

Celebrating Diwali