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Weekly Update - 17th April

Dear Parents,
Our first week of the summer term has certainly been a busy one! The sun has been shining, allowing us the opportunity to do lots of outside learning.
In Literacy this week we have started our poetry unit with a focus on nature poems. On Tuesday morning the children sat in our garden area to listen to the poem ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth. They then spent time in class looking at real daffodils and used a range of adjectives to describe them. During Thursday’s Big Writing lesson we went outside for inspiration as we started to write our very own nature poems. The children used verbs, adjectives and even adverbs to add description and detail.
In Maths this week we have been learning to add multiples of ten to a two-digit number. We looked at the 100 square to help us find tricks and tips for our calculations. I was very impressed with all of the children - some even challenged themselves by completing their calculations mentally (without a 100 square).
Our new topic for this half term is ‘Our Wonderful World’. We have started the unit by looking at the world map and revising the names of our continents and oceans. The children have learnt about the equator and are now exploring the country Ecuador. We are beginning to make comparisons between the land features and climate of the UK and Ecuador – next week we will move on to think about the capital city Quito, and research how it is similar and different to London.
On Monday the children will be taking part in our sponsored swim event. They will each have five minutes to swim as many widths as they can. For those who are less confident, they will be able to use floats to help them travel across the pool. As always, the children will be supported in small groups by Mr Bailey and Miss Peacock. Please ensure that your child has a full swimming kit as well as their sponsor form on Monday. We will record the number of widths that your child swims and will return the forms to you on Monday afternoon. Children will then be encouraged to collect their sponsorship money. Thank you for your support with this event.
Our Curriculum News document will be available to view on the class webpage next week. This will outline our planned learning opportunities for the summer term. We hope that you find this document useful!
Have a wonderful weekend,
Miss Freeman