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Weekly Update 27th February

Dear Parents,
We are already straight back in to routine in Year 1, after a lovely half term break.
In Literacy this week we have been learning about traditional tales. We have discussed the idea that these stories are very old and have been passed on to many people… this explained why there are so many different versions of Little Red Riding Hood! Today the children enjoyed planning their own version of the story – some are including nasty LRRH and a kind wolf! We wrote the openings to our stories this morning and will continue them next week.
In Maths this week we have been learning about doubling and halving. We would expect the children to recall doubles up to 12 although we appreciate that some children find it easier to use practical equipment to help them add two numbers together. For those children needing a challenge, we have discussed using partitioning to double two-digit numbers.
Double 24
20+20 = 40
4+4 = 8
40+8 = 48
Our new topic for this half term is called ‘Inspector Interesting’. The children will be using their observational and investigative skills for a number of different units with scientific and historical focuses. This week we have started a Science unit about materials. The children have been identifying various materials in our classroom, describing their properties, and explaining why some materials and more suitable for certain objects. This afternoon we enjoyed discussing concepts including ‘It is a good idea to make a house out of paper’ and ‘tennis balls should be made of glass.’
On Thursday we all enjoyed seeing Mr Bailey again for our first swimming lesson of the term. Mr Bailey is now joined by Miss Peacock in the pool so that children can receive additional support when necessary. I was very impressed with all of our swimmers this week, and am now looking forward to next week’s lesson!
Next Thursday will be World Book Day. Children are invited to dress as a book character for the day… and teachers will be participating too! Whilst we look forward to seeing the children’s outfits, please do remember that we will be swimming on that day, so face paints may not be ideal!  The children are also invited to bring in a ‘shelfie’ from home – this is a photograph of their book shelf/case/pile at home that can be used as part of our World Book Day display in the school entrance.
On Wednesday and Friday next week children will be having their photographs taken. Please ensure that all children are wearing full school uniform, we want them to look their best in front of the camera!
Finally, just a few reminders of what’s needed during our week:
Monday – full PE kit (outside/inside Games)
Tuesday – Library books
Thursday – Swimming kits and reading books
Friday – Spelling test and new spellings sent home
Have a lovely weekend everybody!
Miss Freeman