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Weekly Update 28th February

Dear Parents,
What can I say? It is so good to be back! I was thrilled to return to school this week after such a long period of illness. As I’m sure most of the children have told you, I am currently working mornings only, but hope to return to full time on Monday 10th March. Ms Lewin will continue to teach the class in the afternoons, with the support of Mrs Wilkinson. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all once again for your kindness and understanding over the last half term, it is wonderful to be gradually slotting back in to routine!
This week the children have started their new topic for the half term – ‘Inspector Interesting!’ This will be a predominantly History and Science based topic unit, where the children will become the character ‘Inspector Interesting’ as they find out about famous people from the past, as well as investigating various Science units both in and out of the classroom. Plenty of exciting learning opportunities ahead!
The first unit has allowed the children to explore the life of Florence Nightingale. They were shown a picture of Florence, and had to generate questions in order to find out who she was. Later, they used a variety of sources including books, learning DVDs and Espresso to research her life and work. On Friday afternoon, children used their research notes to produce an information leaflet to demonstrate what they have learnt. It was wonderful to see so many enthusiastic ‘inspectors’ at work!
In Literacy this week we have started our unit about traditional tales. The children have learnt that traditional tales are old stories that have been told time and time again. We played a game of Chinese whispers to demonstrate how elements of the story can change to create a new version with alternative endings and characters. At the end of the week the children began creating their own versions of Little Red Riding Hood – we had some friendly wolves and grumpy Grannies to read about! We will continue this unit next week.
In Maths we have been practising counting in twos. Many of the children are confident counting in twos up to twenty, and some are keen to continue up to one hundred! Counting is a vital part of our learning in Maths, it would be great to encourage the children to practise at home when an opportunity arises! We have been applying our counting skills to number sequences, with some children completing sequences such as 146, 148, 150, …….. etc.
Next week will be another busy week – on Wednesday and Friday we will be having school photographs taken. Please ensure children come to school wearing correct uniforms ready to look smart and smiley! On Thursday we will be celebrating World Book Day. Children are invited to dress up as a book character for the day. This is always an exciting day, but please do remember that we will be having our swimming lesson in the morning… perhaps it is best to avoid face-paints on this occasion!
Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Miss Freeman