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Year 1

smiley Welcome back Year 1! smiley


We hope you've had a lovely Christmas break! Happy New Year to you all!

Thank you to the children and parents for their Christmas cards and gifts, it was very kind of you all.

We are looking forward to a new term of learning!


  In Year 1 we use the ‘carousel’ approach in the mornings. This means the children will complete four activities (English or maths based) across the morning. For two of these activities, the children will work with an adult. One activity is independent and the other is a choosing based activity in our outside area and quiet room. In the afternoons we cover our current topic (history, geography, design and technology and art), music, science, Physical Education (PE), Religious Education (RE) and Physical, Social and Health Education (PSHE).


Year 1 team

Miss Tonna is the Year 1 class teacher and Mrs Gow teaches the children on Thursday afternoons. Mrs Gallagher supports the children in the mornings and Mrs Dodd in the afternoons.


Spring Term learning

English: Our focus this term is bears. We will be exploring a range of bear books (fiction and non-fiction), including the story of Paddington Bear. This links to our topic learning about Peru. In writing, we will continue to encourage the children to use their phonics to spell words, and to use a word mat to learn the spellings of tricky words. We will focus on correct punctuation (capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks) when joining sentences to form longer pieces of writing.


Maths: We will be exploring place value and the children will be learning to partition numbers into tens and ones. The children will continue to practise their number bonds to 10 and 20 and learn the related subtracted facts. We will focus on adding and subtracting using concrete objects, pictorial representations and a number line. The children will learn to count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10. 


Science: Our topics are ‘Identifying animals’ and ‘Plants’.


Topic learning: The first half term the children will learn about Louis Braille and why he is a famous person in history. In the second half term, the children will learn about Peru and compare it to the UK. The children will explore weaving when they are learning about Peru. Please send in any unwanted wool you have at home, so we can use it for this exciting activity. 


If you would like more information about our learning in the Spring term, please look at the Curriculum News document. 


Learning at home


Please record any reading at home in your child's reading record. We encourage the children to read at least four times a week, if they do, they will get a sticker put in their reading record. Once they have ten stickers, we congratulate them with a reading certificate.

‘Big Talk’

Please discuss the ‘Big Talk’ topic with your child and ask them for their opinions first. If they need guidance, please feel free to offer suggestions or thoughts of your own. Children should then write a sentence detailing their response, using their sounds to spell the words. There is space for a picture if your child wishes to do one. Please spend about 10 minutes completing a 'Big Talk' task.

Home learning

Usually maths or topic based activities. Please spend about 15-20 minutes completing the activity.

'Words for Writing'

‘Words for Writing’ will be sent home on a Friday on a look, cover, write and check sheet for the children to complete. Please take a few minutes each day to complete a column rather then completing the whole sheet in one sitting. Little and often is considered a more effective approach for learning new words. The words will either be common exception words or based on a phonic pattern.


Please support your child with their phonics learning at home by playing interactive games to reinforce their phonics knowledge. The website the children will be most familiar with is Phonics Play as we use this website during our phonics lessons.


Our week


Children will visit the school library and will be able to choose two books to take home. These books must be brought back the following week in order for the children to swap these for new books.


Children have dance on a Monday afternoons.



Reading books will be sent home on a Wednesday and need to be returned to school the following Wednesday.



‘Words for Writing’ sheets are collected. The children will be asked to spell these words and their results will be recorded on their sheet for you to see.


‘Big Talk’ or home learning will be collected.


In the second half of the Spring Term the children will have swimming. For swimming, the children need a named swimming costume, hat and towel. If your child wants to wear goggles they can, please ensure the goggles are swimming goggles and not a snorkel mask. Please adjust the goggles at home, so they fit comfortably ready for the swimming lesson. 




‘Words for Writing’ will be sent home, which will be returned to school the following Thursday.


The children will receive either ‘Big Talk’ or home learning to complete, which will be returned to school the following Thursday.


Barnaby Bear and Rosie Rabbit will come home with someone on a Friday and should be returned to school on Monday. Please record their adventures in their diaries. Your child might like to take some photos, draw some pictures or write in the diary about what they did with them.  


Other information

  • Please send in a named water bottle for classroom use, this is additional to the lunchtime drink. If you wish, you may also send in a healthy snack for morning break. A piece of fruit or vegetable is provided for afternoon break.
  • A named PE kit should remain in school all the time. The children will need a tracksuit and outside shoes.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to make an appointment through the office, or send an email to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you!

Miss Tonna