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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page!

Message to parents: Please visit this page regularly, as we will be putting up important information for upcoming terms, evidence of writing and photographs of our learning throughout term time. Enjoy!


We are very close to the end of our first term and what a term of learning it has been! The children have progressed and learnt a lot and have WOW'd me on so many occasions. I am very excited to see what happens next term. 


We really enjoyed our visit to Hazlemere Lodge on Wednesday 6th December, where we entertained the residents for the afternoon. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all and got everybody in the Christmas spirit (see photo here)


Also, we really enjoyed our day out at Shortenills Activity Centre dressed as Anglo-Saxons, despite the rainy weather!

See the slideshow at the bottom of the page and the Shortenills Trip page for more details and pictures!


We have been using our new laptops in our learning, not only for researching and typing practice but also using the internet as a resource for learning. A good way to practice your times tables is with this website:

You can choose a times table focus and then a game. The galaxy game is a particular favourite amongst the class!

There are a lot more choice of websites available on the internet too e.g. BBC bitesize and Topmarks

Practice makes perfect!


Over the Christmas holidays, I would like the children to enjoy some relaxation and important family time, therefore I will not be setting specific home learning.

However, some focus on these things will be very beneficial for the children:

- General times table practice and becoming fluent in them (knowing them out of order and randomly) up to 12 x 12 and beyond if possible.

Any one who can bring in evidence of them practicing will be rewarded e.g. flashcards, pictures of games, songs/rhymes they've made up to help them remember. This will really help to build the children's confidence in their general maths learning.

-  Reading regularly through Bug Club which will test their inference and comprehension skills whilst they read and I can track their progress and understanding of what they have read too. As well as this, read paper books with a wide range of genres and with differing themes. Not just fiction, but non-fiction, newspapers, playscripts, comics/magazines etc.

- Spellings- 10 spellings to learn, ready to be tested on the first day back after the Christmas holidays (Thursday 4th January).


See below some photos and examples of Anglo-Saxon houses that were created for home learning! I have also been really impressed with other projects too, including some amazing PowerPoint skills and learning on our new Science topic about Space and some fantastic newspaper articles and Maths posters too. The third and final piece is due in on Friday 15th December.


See the top of the page for a link to some WOW writing of the term!


Thank you and have a wonderful, festive and restful Christmas break!

Miss Campanini :)


Anglo-Saxon Houses

Anglo-Saxon Houses 1
Anglo-Saxon Houses 2
Anglo-Saxon Houses 3
Anglo-Saxon Houses 4
Anglo-Saxon Houses 5
Anglo-Saxon Houses 6
Anglo-Saxon Houses 7
Anglo-Saxon Houses 8
Anglo-Saxon Houses 9
Anglo-Saxon Houses 10
Anglo-Saxon Houses 11
Anglo-Saxon Houses 12
Anglo-Saxon Houses 13
Anglo-Saxon Houses 14
Anglo-Saxon Houses 15
Anglo-Saxon Houses 16
Anglo-Saxon Houses 17
Anglo-Saxon Houses 18