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Animation club

In Animation Club this term, we have been exploring the concept of stop-motion animation.

We began by studying examples of this form of animation and sharing examples we knew of, such as Star Wars, Wallace and Gromit and Coraline. 

After that, we discussed how they achieve the effect of movement despite using single images and learnt all about the methods of used by Laika Studios when they created stop-motion feature films.

We then began experimenting with techniques and tried out different approaches to stop-motion.

These included bringing inanimate objects to life, making models out of plasticine, drawing on whiteboards and even using ourselves as the subjects.

Now we have tried different styles, we are working in small groups to create a longer film. This project means that we will have to storyboard our ideas, create backdrops and models, film scenes and then add sound - a challenging mount of work to do in a short time!

We can't wait to show the results and will post them on this page once finished.


Fantastic football!

Still image for this video

The weather eater

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Blob and Sphere

Still image for this video


Still image for this video