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Chiltern Open Air Museum Visit

Earlier in the year, Year 1 went on a trip to Chiltern Open Air Museum. We had a look at some different houses from the past, and had a look at the different types of furniture and facilities in the household. We also learnt how they washed clothes in the past using a wash board, a dolly and a mangle. It was quite hard work, and very cold but we managed to wash a tea towel!
We made our own candle out of bees wax. It was quite tricky rolling the wax into a tight sausage shape, and we had to keep making sure our hands were warm so that we didn’t crack the wax. It was had a funny smell and some of us liked it and others didn’t. 
Towards the end of the day we visited the Toll House. We found out what the toll house was used for, and what the different things in the house were called and what they did, for example the bellows were used to blow air onto the fire to get it started.
We had lots of fun pretending that we were in the past, and even tried on some olden day clothes and played with some toys. 
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