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February Half Term Update

Dear Parents,
I simply can’t believe that we have already arrived at the half term break. It has been a very busy start to the new year, the time has flown by!
In our Literacy lessons we have been writing our very own tongue twisters.  We really enjoyed reading and performing some tongue twisters at the start of the week – there was a lot of giggling as tongues got twisted! The children had to choose a sound to focus on, and generate verbs and nouns that used that initial sound. They then used their ideas to build sentences e.g. Tom Tam tickled a tiger in a tower.
In Maths this week we have had a problem solving focus. The children have rotated around various problem solving activities that required them to apply their number knowledge. For example: Three ducks laid 16 eggs. They each laid an even number of eggs. How many eggs could each duck have laid? Find all of the possibilities. The children were encouraged to choose resources to help them (such as counters) and had to record their work as number sentences.
In our Topic lessons we have been completing the unit ‘Where do I live?’ We have spent time labelling maps of the world, and the UK. Children worked in groups to find out about features and characteristics of each of the four UK countries. To end the unit the children have produced information posters about Hazlemere, highlighting its human and physical features.
Next half term will see the beginning of another new topic unit called ‘Inspector Interesting.’ This will be a mainly History and Science based unit that will allow the children to develop their investigative skills.
We will be swimming every Thursday morning when we return from the half term break. Please ensure your child has a named towel, swimming costume and hat in school.
Half term homework includes a PSHE task for the children to complete with you, which is titled ‘When I grow up…’ Please spend some time with your child discussing their ideas, and allowing them to write about their thoughts.
I hope you all have a wonderful half term break!
Miss Freeman