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Henley River and Rowing Museum

On Wednesday 15th July Year 4 visited the Henley River and Rowing Museum. We were all pleased to see John was our coach driver and set off around 9.00. When we arrived at the museum the weather was good so we went on our walk along the Thames straight away. We crossed the horse bridge, which was a bit scary for some children, to get to the lock. At the lock we watched two boats go in and out- waving to the occupants!

Back in the classroom the children carried out some super experiments to help explain erosion, transportation and deposition and lookes at maps and artefacts.

After lunch the children visited the Thames gallery to learn about the River Thames. Some also tried rowing machines and worked together to practice their rowing in threes- very tricky.

The museum staff complimented the children on their excellent knowledge, concentration and behaviour- a proud moment. Well done Year 4.

Picture 1 Messing About At The River
Picture 2 Messing About At The River
Picture 3 Messing About At The River
Picture 4 Messing About At The River
Picture 5 Transportation and Deposition
Picture 6 Springs
Picture 7 Chalk and Clay
Picture 8 The River Thames
Picture 9 Flood Plains
Picture 10 Erosion
Picture 11 Identifying Artefacts
Picture 12 Messing About At The River