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International Food Day- Barbados

We had a very interesting day in Year 2. We focussed on the culture and food of Barbados. This morning we all searched the internet to find out interesting facts about Barbados, for example do you know the name of the airport in Barbados? We looked at the weather in Barbados and had a search for activities we might like to do if we went there. We then listened to the Barbados National Anthem and then to some music from the Caribbean. We did a lot of dancing and even tried to limbo.
We made a Coconut and Lime Smoothie drink to try and also tasted mango fruits. In the afternoon we made the traditional dishes of Rice and Peas, Jerk Chicken and Sweet Potato pudding. We all helped to chop up green bananas and had Fried Green Bananas to eat too washed down with another Caribbean drink called Mauby.  
Mrs Hatfield has been fantastic at organising, buying and cooking all the food so we need to thank her for a great day. Please see our photos.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3