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Making Parachutes- Science Investigation

All of us in Year 4 had to make a parachute which would be tested by being dropped from a high level.

We had to get the materials by ourselves and then as a group we had to put them together to make a parachute. We were going to see which materials would be the lightest and would hold the ball of plasticine and take the longest to go to the ground.

We tested it from the top of the Year 5 and Year 6 stairs. Sam and Victoria, because they were the tallest in the Class, got to drop the parachutes. Alistair and Abby Hespe took it in turns to time the parachutes’ drop.

We were put into 8 groups and my group decided on paper for our parachute and we put all the strings in the middle, which made our parachute flap like a bird when it was dropped. We had 6 pieces of string and each one was 30cm long. We used up 12 pieces of paper and stuck it all together with sellotape. Then we cut around the corners to make it into an oval shape.

In the middle of our parachute we drew the England flag and in each white square of the flag we wrote our names. When we tested it, it took 1.9 seconds to drop.

After we tested them all, we found out that group 2 won. Here is a list to show you our results.

In 1st place was Group 2, which used a bin bag - 3.80s

In 2nd place was Group 3 who used a plastic bag – 2.28s

In 3rd place was Group 8 who used a plastic bag – 2.12 s

In 4th place was Group 7 who used a plastic bag – 2.08s

In 5th place was Group 6, we used paper – 1.90s

In 6th place was Group 4 who used a plastic bag with material on top – 1.89 s

In 7th place was Group 5 who used a plastic bag with material and felt – 1.77s


I think this was a really fun experiment to do. My favourite bit was seeing Victoria and Sam dropping the parachutes from above.

By Emily Roberts

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Picture 2 Working Things Out
Picture 3 Co-operating
Picture 4 Constructing
Picture 5 Problem Solving
Picture 6 Measuring
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Picture 8 Concentrating
Picture 9 Winning Design- 3.80s
Picture 10 2nd - 2.28s
Picture 11 6th - 1.89s
Picture 12 7th - 1.77s
Picture 13 5th - 1.90s
Picture 14 4th - 2.08s
Picture 15 3rd - 2.12s