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Making Pencil Cases - Technology

Year 4 have been learning to use a sewing machine and have designed and made pencil cases in Technology. Many thanks to Mrs Hespe, Mrs Elliott and Mrs Lyle who helped out.

Abby and Emily have written about our work.

Y4 Make Pencil Cases- By Abby Hespe

Y4 made pencil cases. It was fun. Here is what we had to do:

1. We designed our pencil cases.

2. We labelled it so we knew what length and width it was, what material we were going to use and what we were going to put on them.

3. We collected all the bits we needed.

4. We went to the art room and sewed the zip to the pencil case and any other bits and pieces we had.

5. Then after everyone had done that we sewed the sides together.

6. That was when we finished, although it did take a while!

Some people’s pencil cases were tiny and some were huge and some, like mine, were just the right size.

Luckily we didn’t hand sew them, we used a sewing machine. We all enjoyed it and pencil cases are so useful, so that’s a bonus!


Making a Pencil Case in Year 4 -By Emily Roberts

All of us in year 4 were making pencil cases, we had to design a pencil case of our own. We had to draw a diagram of the front and the back, showing what materials we were going to use, what was going to fasten it, what it was going to look like and what we would need to make it.

Some people used zips, poppers or velcro to fasten up their pencil cases. Most people did quite complicated designs and also put pockets on the outside of theirs.

Then we had to get the materials, we were allowed to change our designs if it was too complicated. We had to sew using a sewing machine (with an adult while wearing goggles) and also then did some hand sewing. We were allowed to stick things on as well as sewing things on.

Picture 1 Pencil Cases
Picture 2 Pencil Cases
Picture 3 Pencil Cases
Picture 4 Pencil Cases
Picture 5 Pencil Cases
Picture 6 Pencil Cases