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Reading Museum Visit

On Tuesday 27th November Year 6 went back in time to the Victorian era. They dressed as Victorian school children and took part in lessons in a Victorian school room, with a VERY strict Victorian teacher! Some children experienced the punishments of the day; the backstretcher, wearing a dunce's hat, caning and finger stocks. I think some of the children began to realise what fun life is at school today in comparison, although they thought the lessons were easier.
Many thanks to parents who provided such brilliant costumes.
Picture 1 The Dunce's Hat
Picture 2 Victorian Maths
Picture 3 Making a Union Jack.
Picture 4 Caning!
Picture 5 Finger Stocks
Picture 6 The Backstretcher
Picture 7 The Boys
Picture 8 The Girls
Picture 9 Year 6 1887!