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Reading Museum Visit

Year 6 turned in to Victorian children for a day today on their visit to Reading Museum. They all looked quite authentic thanks to some very creative parents and Primark! 
During the morning they were transformed into a well-disciplined class who learned to "speak when spoken to" and "be seen and not heard". A few children stepped out of line and had to wear the dunce's hat, be caned, wear a back straightener and hand restraints. Those were the days! Many children returned home with blue fingers as a result of writing with ink pens in Victorian copy books. I think all the children enjoyed the experience for a day but that was enough.
In the afternoon we looked at some Victorian artefacts and how they were used by servants in a rich person's house. As you can see Bonnie and Jonathan made a lovely couple. 
Many thanks to the parents who came on the visit and also dressed up for the day.
Picture 1 Dunce for a day!
Picture 2 Naughty! Naughty!
Picture 3 Wicked Girl!
Picture 4 Back straightener.
Picture 5 For hand fiddlers.
Picture 6 Sit up straight now!
Picture 7 The girls
Picture 8 The boys
Picture 9 Cheer up girls!
Picture 10 Rich Folk