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Some thoughts from Year 3 about their trip to Hatfield House

Year 3 spent some time reflecting upon their school trip to Hatfield House where they saw the Queen.  Here are some of their thoughts:

'That was a day I will remember for all my life because no one in Cedar Park has ever had a school trip like that, and also because we saw the real Queen!'    Jake

'I will always remember this day and it is safe in my memory forever. I really enjoyed my school trip.'   Chloe

'When the Queen came I got very excited. I saw the queen come in her fancy car and the crowd all cheered.  I had an amazing trip to Hatfield House.'   Leah
'I thought it was great going to Hatfield House.  The atmosphere was tense and exciting because of a certain  member of the royal
family [The QUEEN!] I really enjoyed our trip.'  Matthew

'It was the best day of my life because I love all things about the Tudors.'   George
'When we finally got to Hatfield House all we could talk about was meeting the Queen.  We waited and waited until finally we
saw her! It was a really good day.'   Rachel


'The night before we went to Hatfield House I could not get to sleep and couldn’t wait to wake up.  When we got to Hatfield House I was very excited.'  Bonnie

'I was so excited to be seeing the queen. Finally my  dream has come true and I got to see the Queen in person.'  Maddy  M

'I enjoyed learning very interesting facts about Catherine of Aragon.' Joshua J



'I enjoyed the trip, especially seeing the Queen. 
I also learnt a lot more about the Tudors.' Harry