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Verulamium Visit

Today Year 4 visited Verulamium, St Albans, as part of their Roman studies. The children enjoyed looking at mosaics, Roman carpenters' tools and workshop, the coffin of a wealthy Roman, the plaster wall decorations and pottery. They particularly enjoyed dressing up as Celts and Romans then going on a shopping trip to a Roman market where they bought cloaks, tools to clean wounds, jewellery and some very smelly fish sauce!
We also visited the hypocaust which shows how the rich Romans heated their homes. Of course the highlight was the shop!!
Many thanks to all the parents who joined us on our visit.
There is a link at the bottom of the Year 4 page if you want to know more.
Picture 1 Guess what.
Picture 2 Fabulous jewellery, Mum!
Picture 3 Pots and stuff.
Picture 4 Look what's for dinner!
Picture 5 Fish sauce is very smelly!
Picture 6 Fashion Parade!