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Weekly Update 11

Dear Parents,
With so many staff members wearing Christmas jumpers this week (myself included!) I think it’s fair to say Christmas has officially started! The Christmas fayre was great fun tonight, it was lovely to see so many smiling faces wandering around! Thank you so much to everybody who gave up time to help organise the event and work on stalls – and of course thank you to all of you who spent your hard earned money on the activities with the children.
We have had a fantastic week learning about Judaism in Year 1. We had a ‘Topic Day’ on Monday, where we learnt a little bit about the background of Judaism in preparation for our trip to the Synagogue. The trip was wonderful – the children were so well behaved and they really enjoyed learning about Jewish family traditions and celebrations. Today they have each made a poster to show what they have learnt… all I can say is ‘wow!’ I am so proud of how much information they have remembered, they have all listened so carefully. I’ll be uploading some photos of our trip on to the website on Monday – watch this space!
In Literacy this week we have been learning about speech bubbles. We discussed the story of The Snowman, and tried to guess what the two characters might be saying to each other (because, of course, there is no talking in The Snowman film!). The children wrote their own speech bubbles for different parts of the film and were very creative with their ideas.
In Maths we have been thinking about sorting information. We have introduced the concept of using a table to record groups – for example, we sorted capital letters into those with straight lines, those with curved lines, and those with both. We also sorted snowmen – the children had to create their own groups for this, and we were really impressed with their suggestions. Their ideas included… hats/no hats, buttons/no buttons, two part bodies/three part bodies etc.
We are now in full swing with the Christmas play rehearsals – the children are doing so well to learn their lines, we’ve seen a huge improvement after every rehearsal. Please do encourage your child to keep practising their lines over the weekend using a loud and clear speaking voice – we want you to hear everything on the night! A letter was sent home today regarding costumes. All narrators will need a smart party outfit on a named coat hanger. Ideally, we would like these to be in school on Monday as they need to be organised ready for a photo opportunity on Wednesday afternoon. Thank you for your support with this. Children who are ‘towns-people’ will have costumes provided by the school.
Hope you all have a jolly weekend!
Miss Freeman