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Weekly Update 11th July

Dear Parents,
I do hope you’ve all had a good week – it’s been another great week in Year 1, we’ve got lots to share with you!
In Literacy this week this children have been writing letters to the current Reception class to tell them all about Year 1. They thought carefully about how to begin their letter (with an appropriate greeting) and how to structure their message. They included some very helpful information, and made Year 1 sound truly wonderful… which, of course, it is!
In Maths we have been learning to give change when buying items from a shop. The children have learnt how to find the difference between the price of an item and the coins they pay with. They have particularly enjoyed taking on the roles of shoppers and shopkeepers to put their skills into action!
In our Topic lessons this week we have enjoyed a non-European country study all about… Mexico! We have been researching city life in Mexico City, exploring traditional clothing (including designing some rather snazzy sombreros!), and tasting some delicious Mexican foods. Mrs Franklin and I were very impressed with the children’s enthusiasm to try new food items! We have also, collectively, made two piñatas using the ever-popular paper maché technique. The children very much enjoyed smashing them on the field this afternoon and discovered sweets had been hidden inside… all in the name of Mexican tradition of course! Next week we will be learning about a European country… all will be revealed on Monday!
The children’s portfolios were sent home in book bags today. This is a small selection of the children’s best work for you to see. The children are very proud of the pieces we have chosen, I do hope you enjoy looking through them over the weekend. We do ask that the portfolios are returned to us on Monday, and hope that you are able to make a comment on the pupil page. Thank you!
Next week will be our last full week together… I can’t believe it! After school clubs will run next week, but they will be the final sessions of the year.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,
Miss Freeman
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