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Weekly Update 14th March

Dear Parents,
Well, we’ve had gorgeous weather again… aren’t we lucky?!
We have made the most of the fine weather this week and have enjoyed some outdoor learning opportunities during our topic lessons. Our new unit is ‘Growing Plants’ so we all went on a plant walk on Wednesday morning to try and identify some common plants and flowers. We found daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops – the children were very excited to use their magnifying glasses to get up close and personal with the flowers! We have also enjoyed some outdoor sketching time this afternoon - a lovely peaceful activity! On Thursday afternoon the children planned and organised a growing investigation using cress seeds. We will continue to observe and monitor our trays of seeds which have been set up in various locations!
In Maths this week we have continued our learning about partitioning. Children have been applying their skills whilst completing problem solving activities. Today we have been comparing and ordering numbers – another opportunity for the children to demonstrate their understanding of place value.
In Literacy we have been using the story of Jack and the Beanstalk as a focus for our learning. On Tuesday the children wrote character profiles to describe Jack’s appearance and personality. During our Big Writing session on Thursday the class spent time writing letters to Jack which had to include a variety of questions that could help us to find out more about his character. We’ll have to see if Jack replies!
The children really enjoyed sketching flowers this afternoon – we talked about the importance of recognising the shapes of petals and leaves before our pencil touches the page! As it is expected to be such a lovely weekend, it would be wonderful if the children could find time to sketch a few flowers from their own gardens (or nearby parks!) to bring in next week.
I hope you all find time to enjoy the glorious sunshine over the weekend.
Miss Freeman