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Weekly Update 14th November

Dear Parents,
We have had a very special week thinking and learning about Remembrance Day. Our whole school assembly on Tuesday morning was very thought provoking, with the children asking some interesting and thoughtful questions afterwards. In class we have learnt about why poppies are the symbol of remembrance and have considered the qualities of those soldiers who have fought for our country. Thank you so much to those families who sent in photos of family members who have served in the armed forces. These were extremely interesting for the children (and staff!) to see. The children each designed their own medal for a soldier, thinking about appropriate pictures, symbols and word choices. On Thursday afternoon they very much enjoyed baking Trench Cake and were keen to find out about life for soldiers in the trenches. This year’s Sainsbury’s Christmas advert was very useful when highlighting conditions for our soldiers during World War I.
In Literacy this week we have completed our unit on instruction writing. The children have learnt that there are several ways to sequence the steps including using numbers or time connectives. They finished the week by using their knowledge of instructions to write a recipe for the trench cake they had baked the day before. Next week we will be moving on to a fiction based unit that uses the story ‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear’ as a stimulus for writing.
In Maths this week we have been learning about fractions. The children have used 2D shapes to fold into halves and quarters. They have thought carefully about how to write each fraction (knowing that ½ means one of two equal parts and ¼ means one of four equal parts). We then progressed into learning how to find one half or one quarter of a number. We used cubes to introduce this – for example, to find half of 12 we built a tower of 12 cubes and split it into two smaller equal towers. To find a quarter, the original tower of 12 was halved then halved again. Next week we will be learning about properties of 2D shapes.
Finally, we had another successful swimming lesson this week. Mr Bailey has been very impressed with the children’s listening skills and good behaviour – long may this continue!
Have a great weekend,
Miss Freeman