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Weekly Update 16th May

Dear Parents,
Isn’t it nice to end the week with beautiful weather! We have enjoyed some lovely sunshine over the last few days… it has been a treat to use the new gazebo for some of our lessons.
In Literacy this week the children have been reading and writing haiku poems. These are poems that contain 17 syllables, usually over three lines (5-7-5 pattern). The children have been clapping syllables in nature related words and have chosen an animal to write their own haiku poem about. These poems will be made into a small class book which we hope to display in the library next half term.
In Maths we have introduced the concept of multiplication. For some children this has involved counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, and for those children needing an extra challenge we have been solving some multiplication word problems. We have been using the words ‘lots of’ or ‘groups of’ when reading multiplication number sentences e.g. for the number sentence 7 x 5 =, we would say “7 lots of 5 equals…” The website has a range of fun games and activities for those children who would like to continue learning their early times tables at home.
During our Topic lessons this week the children have been designing and creating their own ‘Super Bugs’. Thank you for sending in plastic bottles – they are currently being transformed into bright, colourful and unusual bugs! The children have been extremely enthusiastic about this project, we hope to have them completed by next Friday.
We are continuing to enjoy our tennis lessons on a Tuesday afternoon – this week the children became tennis coaches themselves as they worked in pairs to improve their skills. Maybe we are training up some future Wimbledon champions!
Next week will be the last week of this half term – please be aware that school will finish at the usual time of 3:10pm on Friday afternoon and all after school clubs will be running as normal.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend – let’s make the most of this gorgeous weather!
Miss Freeman