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Weekly Update - 19th June

Dear Parents,
Apologies for the lack of website updates recently… I just don’t know where the time has been slipping away to!
It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Year 1 – we finished our ‘Wonderful World’ topic with a fantastic trip to Legoland. The children thoroughly enjoyed their Lego Atlas workshop, which was very informative and practical. During the workshop the children had to label the world’s continents and oceans on a Lego map of the world. They were then split in to groups of 4 and given a continent to represent. Our workshop leader showed us photos of famous landmarks and animals from each continent, then each group had to use Lego to build replicas of these landmarks and animals to place on our Lego world map.  The final piece was amazing, and the children were so proud of themselves. We later went to visit the Pirates of Skeleton Bay for inspiration for our Literacy unit about fantasy stories. The stunt show provided us with lots of fantastic ideas for writing our own pirate stories. We did, of course, find some time to jump on a few of the rides too! Thank you so much to Mrs Burns, Mrs Ellerby, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Marsh and Mr Schofield for accompanying us on our trip.
Our last topic for the year is ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday!’ A little bit of Cliff Richard has set the mood for our final half term! The children have been finding out about seaside holidays in the past, focussing on food, clothes, travel and entertainment. They have used photographs, videos and books to research the main similarities and differences between seaside holidays 100 years ago, 50 years ago and now.  We hope that their homework (creating an information poster) will give the children a chance to show off just how much they’ve learnt!
Over the next few weeks our timetable will be fairly flexible as we look forward to events such as Sports Day (Wednesday 1st July, 1pm), transition day (a chance for the children to spend the day with their new teacher) and the Year 6 production. There are still so many learning opportunities to be squeezed in before the end of term, we’ll be busy until the very end!
Have a great weekend,
Miss Freeman