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Weekly Update 2

Dear Parents,
Another week has flown by, and the children are all very settled. It’s been lovely to see so many happy faces arriving in the morning!
In Literacy this week the children have written their own versions of the Peace At Last story. We have been focusing on using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. A number of the children have really impressed us by using connectives such as ‘but’ and ‘so’ – what a great start to writing in Year 1!
In Maths we have been continuing our unit about addition. Some of the children have been using practical resources to add two single digit numbers together, and others have challenged themselves by adding a single digit number to a two digit number using a hundred square to help them count on.
Our topic lessons have been Art/Design based this week. The children have learnt to sketch their faces, paying close attention to the shapes of their facial features. They have also painted a self portrait, thinking carefully about mixing colours for their skin tones. The children have also enjoyed making skeleton pictures using art straws – they can name many parts of their skeleton, and know why it is such an important part of their body.
Next week we will be moving on to non-fiction texts during our Literacy lessons, and we will be learning about the value of coins during Maths. Our topic lessons will be History based, thinking about our own family history as well as learning about how toys have changed through the years (I know this will be popular!).
Thank you to those parents who have volunteered to help in our classroom this year. We would love to have additional support during some of our morning sessions, so please do let me know if you are available to help so that I can finalise timetables. Thank you!
It’s great to see so many of the children enjoying their school reading books. Please do log any further home reading in the reading record – this gives me an idea of how regularly the children read, as well as an insight into their favourite genres! Next week I will be issuing homework for the first time – this will be a weekly task that the children can complete and return within the following week. More details coming soon!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman