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Weekly Update 20th June

Dear Parents,
Phew… what a week it’s been! We have had such a fantastic week, it almost feels like it should be the end of term now…! (Four and half weeks left, for those of you who are counting!)
On Monday and Tuesday this week the children all completed their phonics screening checks. The results of the check are now sent to Bucks County and will be reported to you when the end of year reports are sent home.
In Literacy this week the children spent time finishing their superhero stories. They thought carefully about the dilemma or problem that their superhero character could solve, and how their super powers would impact on the story. The children also designed front covers so that their stories could be turned in to books! They’ll be coming home for you to look at in just a few weeks’ time.
In Maths this week we have revisited time. The children have been practising telling the time at o’clock and half past, and have been solving problems which involved half an hour intervals e.g. Lazy Larry woke up at half past 7 on Monday. He woke up half an hour later on Tuesday, and half an hour later than that on Wednesday. What time did lazy Larry wake up on Wednesday morning? Any reference to time and clocks at home is most useful… little and often is the key!
Wednesday’s Sports Day was a huge success – thank you to everybody who came to support the children in their field events and flat races. We all had a fantastic afternoon, and were extremely proud of all of the children for their efforts and enthusiasm. Well done to Lime who were the overall winners of the afternoon’s events.
As I’m sure you’ve heard, yesterday was “the best day ever” according to Year 1! Our trip to Legoland was simple brilliant. The children had a wonderful time in the workshop, building and racing Lego cars. They learnt a lot about gravity and friction, and used this knowledge to try and build the fastest car. Congratulations to Lewis W, Elliot and Lewis WP for winning the challenge! The rest of the day was spent enjoying the park – we visited the Atlantis Submarine Voyage, Fairy Tale Brook, Miniland (where we ate our lunch on the grassy bank), Spinning Spiders, the Viking Longboat, and the Pirates of Skeleton Bay stunt show. We also had a sneaky treat (yummy ice-creams!) as we waited for the show to begin. Finally, we rode the hill train back to the top of the park before heading back to school. There were a few tired legs by then! The children all behaved perfectly, and were a delight to be with! A huge thank you to Mrs Franklin, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Sirrell, Mr Phillips and Mrs Freeman for accompanying us on the trip. We had a great day!
Finally, the weather is looking very good for our Summer Fayre tomorrow. Everything starts from 12noon, and will continue until 3pm. I hope to see lots of you there enjoying the sunshine!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman
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