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Weekly Update 21st November

Dear Parents,
In Literacy this week we have used the story ‘Can’t You Sleep Little Bear’ as a stimulus for our learning. We have particularly focused on the use of adjectives in sentences. The children enjoyed building sentences adding in adjectives to describe the noun. For example…
‘Little Bear went in to the cave.’
‘Little Bear went in to the dark cave.’
'Little Bear went in to the dark, scary cave.’ 
‘Little Bear went in to the dark, scary, damp cave.’
We have also spent a lot of time concentrating on tall and short letters. If your child is enjoying free writing at home please do encourage them to look at their letters to check that tall letters are tall and short letters are short!
In Maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes. The children have created ‘Wanted’ posters to demonstrate their understanding of each shape’s properties. Each group also enjoyed using hoops in the classroom to create shape Venn diagrams. We used titles such as ‘four or more corners’ and ‘straight sides’. We have discussed the idea of using a shape language to encourage the use of correct vocabulary e.g. sides, corners, straight, curved, etc.
Our Topic work this week was based on ‘Anti-Bullying Week’. An assembly from Mr Smith on Monday morning set the scene for a week of extra kindness across the school. The children have thought carefully about what the term ‘bullying’ means and have discussed ways to prevent it. Each child made a poster to promote anti-bullying week which was entered in to a competition organised by Mr Smith. Congratulations to Benedict and Olivia who were our Year 1 winners! We have also used Mr Schofield’s expertise to create a short video about beating bullying… it will appear on our class webpage soon, watch this space!
This week the excitement levels grew in Key Stage 1 as we started to learn our Christmas play songs! Our Key Stage 1 production of ‘Baubles’ is only a few weeks away so the children will soon be receiving their words to learn. Year 1 are the narrators of the play so we will be encouraging all children to have a small speaking part. They will need to wear a smart party outfit for the performance – a letter containing all the details you need will be sent home next week.
Our Topic unit next week (w/c 24th November) will be based on the American celebration of ‘Thanksgiving.’ If you or a member of your family celebrate this at home and would like to share a few family traditions with the class then please do let me know so that we can arrange for you to pop in and talk to the children.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman