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Weekly Update - 24th April

Dear Parents,
We’ve had another busy week in Year 1, with lots of learning to tell you about!
In Literacy this week we have finished our unit about nature poems. The children read, discussed and performed some nature haikus. They learnt that a traditional haiku poem follows a pattern relating to syllables. The children identified (by clapping!) how many syllables were in each line, and discovered that the pattern was 5-7-5... that’s five syllables in line one, seven in line two, and five again in line three. On Thursday morning each child wrote their own haiku about an animal of their choice – however, they were not allowed to mention the name of the animal in their poem so had to ensure that the adjectives and verbs that they used would act as good clues instead!
In Maths we have continued our learning about methods of addition. Having learnt to add and subtract multiples of ten last week the children have spent time adding two two-digit numbers together using the 100 square as a resource. The children know that one jump down on the 100 square is the same as adding ten, and one jump along is the same as adding one unit. By the end of the week we were adding numbers such as 54 + 32.
In our topic learning (Our Wonderful World) the children have enjoyed looking at photographs of Ecuador, Croatia, China and England. They have been learning to identify human and physical features, and have started to develop their range of geographical vocabulary. Next week we will be moving on to researching a famous person from the past… Christopher Columbus!
On Monday all of the children took part in our annual sponsored swim event. We were so impressed by their efforts and enthusiasm. Thank you to everybody who has now donated their sponsorship money – we will continue to collect this over the coming weeks.
In PE this term we will be enjoying Games lessons on a Monday afternoon and Dance lessons with Coach Chloe on a Thursday morning. As the weather can be rather unpredictable at this time of the year can we please remind everybody that the children should always have a full PE kit in school at all times. We will be outside whenever possible for Games, and inside on Thursday mornings for Dance, therefore children do require both plimsolls and trainers as well as a house t-shirt, shorts and tracksuit. Thank you!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
Miss Freeman