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Weekly Update 28th June

Dear Parents,
Another week has flown by, the children are still very busy leading up to the end of term!
This week in Literacy the children have started a unit of work based on list poems. They enjoyed reading humorous poems such as ‘Some Favourite Words’ and ‘Things I have been doing lately…’ On Thursday morning there were a few giggles as we read the poem ‘The Teacher’s Day in Bed.’ The children used their Big Writing time to write their own lines for the poem, which had to include a range of animals completing jobs that teachers do. For example, we had sharks sharpening pencils, adders (of the snake variety!) teaching maths, dolphins teaching swimming, monkeys handing out the fruit snacks and giraffes watching out for children talking at the back! Next week the children will be writing their own list poems for a class book… watch this space!
In Maths we have been learning about turning and positions. The children have experienced ¼, ½ and whole turns, and have used objects and themselves to practise! On Wednesday morning we went outside to practise using positional vocabulary. For example, children had to stand ‘next to’ the swimming pool, ‘under’ a tree, ‘between’ two benches etc. They then used objects and pictures in the classroom to write sentences using the vocabulary they had learnt e.g. the green sphere is next to the red cuboid, the red cuboid is between the green sphere and the blue pyramid.
In our ‘We’re all going on a summer holiday’ topic we took an imaginary trip to the seaside this week! The children have been learning about how seaside holidays have changed over time. They have enjoyed using photographs from seaside towns one hundred years ago to search for historical clues about similarities and differences between the seaside then and now. On Friday afternoon the children wrote postcards pretending to be in Blackpool in the early 1900s. They commented on clothes, transport and entertainment.  I think a few of the children wished the trip wasn’t imaginary…!
Next week we have our induction day (Tuesday 1st July) where the children will spend the day with their new teacher. I know Year 1 are very much looking forward to spending the day with Mrs Franklin and are excited to explore their new classroom!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman