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Weekly Update 3

Dear Parents,
Yet another busy week has flown by!
In Maths this week the children have been learning to recognise coins, and to add coins together to make different totals. Some children also attempted a challenge, to make a given amount using the fewest coins possible. It is wonderful to see so many children wanting to challenge themselves and further their own learning.
In Literacy this week we have looked at non-fiction books about Toys (as part of our topic work) but we have also started our Poetry unit ‘pattern and rhyme’. The children enjoyed reading, learning and performing a variety of poems, and have learnt to identify rhyming words within them. At the end of the week, a number of children wrote a new verse for one of the poems that we have read.
Our topic lessons have been very exciting this week as we have been learning about toys in the past. We started the week by thinking about how toys change during a child’s life (from baby, to toddler, and to present day) and created a timeline of toys that were suitable for different age groups. We then thought about our favourite toys today, and how they are different to toys from one hundred years ago. The children enjoyed watching learning clips on Espresso to research old toys, and were able to play with a range of old toys on Friday afternoon to experience them first hand!
Next week our topic lessons will be RE based, as we move on to a unit about emotions and friendships. This will include a number of short stories from the Bible that will be used to stimulate discussions within the classroom.
We will be moving on to our ‘Time’ unit in Maths next week, so it would be useful to discuss this at home whenever possible. For example, refer to clocks around the house at significant times of the day (bed time, tea time etc.) and discuss timings such as how many minutes in a car journey.
Thank you to everybody who has signed up for an appointment at this week’s Parents’ Evenings – I look forward to meeting you all and discussing the children’s progress.
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman