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Weekly Update 4th April

Dear Parents,
Well that’s it… Spring term is officially over! It’s hard to believe that we are heading into the Summer term – let’s hope we have a repeat of last year’s summer weather!
This week we have finished our Inspector Interesting topic by finding out how and why Christians celebrate Easter. The children read several versions of the Easter story and thought carefully about how elements of the story are represented through the use of symbols today. They also considered ways in which Christian families may celebrate the event and compared this to other religious festivals.
In Literacy we continued our poetry unit but with an Easter twist! The children each wrote their own acrostic poem using vocabulary that they had generated at the beginning of the week. They found this quite challenging, but were very proud of the final poems they had written.
In Maths we practised a range of skills (again, with an Easter theme). This included chick/egg symmetry, hatching egg problem solving, and addition/subtraction bunny work! The children really enjoyed the activities, and it was great for me to see them applying their skills in a variety of contexts.
Next term will of course bring a new topic – our learning intentions will be highlighted in the Curriculum News document on the class web page when we return to school. In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to help your children progress through home learning. Here are just a few activities you might like to try during the holidays…
·         Keep a diary – encourage the children to write about/draw anything interesting that they get up to over the next two weeks
·         Play phonics games – a number of websites are available (links in last week’s weekly update) but one of our class favourites is – the children’s section has a variety of useful games
·         Book review – children can tell us about their favourite book that they have enjoyed during the holiday (template available on our class page)
·         Handwriting practise – this doesn’t have to be with pencil and paper! Encourage the children to practise letter formation in any way that is fun e.g. with a squirty water bottle on the patio, with chalks on a wall, with paints/crayons etc. There is a letter formation workbook available on our class webpage (It isn’t necessary for children to complete the workbook, but it is often useful for parents to see the letter formations that we teach in school).
I do hope you all have a wonderful (and restful!) break over the Easter holidays. We enjoyed our egg hunt today, I’m sure there will be many more taking place over the next couple of weeks!
See you in the summer term,