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Weekly Update 4th July

Dear Parents,
It’s been another great week in Year 1, the summer term is slipping away!
In Literacy this week we have been looking at the poem ‘Ten things found in a wizard’s pocket.’ The children found this poem highly amusing, and enjoyed writing their own versions of it during their Big Writing time. We had some very interesting items hidden in that pocket!
In Maths this week we have been revising addition and subtraction methods. The children have been encouraged to look for tricks when adding/subtracting larger numbers, and have been very good at spotting patterns! Next week we will be moving on to another money unit, with a focus on finding the difference between two amounts and how to calculate change when paying in a shop. If you are able to practise this at home with your child over the weekend it would really give them a head start!
In our Topic lessons this week we have been busy creating some seaside artwork. We started by sketching shells, looking carefully at lines, patterns and colours. On Wednesday afternoon the children worked in teams to create a huge seaside collage that included the sea, sand, hillside and buildings. We finished the week by using chalks to draw seaside scenes on the playground. We took photographs of the children being part of their seaside scenes – we even had a few sitting on 3D deck chairs that they had drawn!
Next week our topic work will be a country study... But we are not revealing which country just yet! The children’s homework this weekend is to bring in a picture of another country (or UK destination!) that they have visited – as a class we will try to guess where each photograph has been taken. The more photographs we have the more interesting it will be!
I hope you all have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman