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Weekly Update 5th December

Dear Parents,
Can you hear those sleigh bells yet?! Santa’s helpers visited our classroom his week and left us a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Unfortunately, there was a slight technical hitch with the lights (!) but I think I’ve resolved it!
This week in Literacy we have used the story of The Snowman to inspire some creative writing. The children have written a short piece about ‘The day my snowman came to life…’ We had some lovely descriptions about twitching noses and twinkling eyes! Next week we will continue to use The Snowman as a focus for some work about speech bubbles and dialogue.
In Maths this week we have been adding single digits to two digit numbers using a number line or 100 square (10x10 grid) to count on. For those needing more of a challenge we started to think about how to add two two-digit numbers together. This was a fantastic task to get the children testing out methods! We worked as a group to split (partition) the numbers in to tens and units, then added each part separately…
e.g. 35 + 21 =
      30 + 20 = 50
      5 + 1 = 6
      50 + 6 = 56
In our Topic lessons we have started to learn about the Jewish faith, ready to find out about the celebration of Hanukkah next week. The children have seen books and short learning clips to find out about the weekly holy time of Shabbat. This begins on Friday evening and is the day of joy and rest for Jewish families, celebrated with a special meal. Next week we will be visiting Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue to find out a little more about the Jewish faith and the celebration of Hanukkah.
On Friday next week we will be heading off to the see the pantomime! This is always such a fantastic morning - I know all of the children will thoroughly enjoy it!
Just a final reminder about the Christmas play… all children should be able to say their lines loudly, clearly and independently this week. Please do continue to practise with your child at home to ensure they are feeling confident for our performance! Furthermore, costumes (smart party outfits) should be in school no later than Wednesday 10th December ready for photos to be taken on Thursday afternoon.
We know this is such a busy time of year, but as always, your help and support is very much appreciated!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman