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Weekly update 7

Dear Parents,
I do hope you all had a wonderful half term – it was lovely to see so many pieces of homework arriving this week (all presented differently) to show what the children had been up to. Many of them spoke confidently to their classmates about their week’s activities.
In Literacy this week we have been focusing on our half term holidays to write short postcards and recounts. We have discussed using time connectives (e.g. next, then, after that, later…) and it was great to see so many children trying to apply these to their own writing. We have also started handwriting activities within our Literacy lessons. It is vital that the children form their letters correctly now, so that they can begin to join them later in the year. If children are writing for pleasure at home, please do encourage them to form their letters correctly. Handwriting information and examples will be sent home with handwriting homeworking later in the year.
In Maths we have enjoyed a number focus week. The children have spent time looking at the 100 square, identifying number patterns and trends. They have also taken part in a number hunt around the school! This involved searching for numbers, recording them, and identifying their purpose e.g. temperature on the oven, time on a clock etc.
Our new topic for this half term is ‘Celebrations’. Within this topic we will be covering Art, History, RE, PSHE, DT and Science. This week our first celebration was Bonfire Night. The children were so interested to learn about Guy Fawkes, they wrote information pages about The Gunpowder Plot in their topic books. In the Art room we used oil pastels and blow painting (!) to create bight and colourful firework pictures to display in our classroom. The children were very proud of their creations, many of them shared them with the rest of the school in our achievement assembly this afternoon.
Swimming was a great success on Thursday! The children tried very hard to get changed independently (it’s not easy!) and absolutely loved being in the pool with their friends. Mr Bailey was very impressed with how many strong swimmers we have… he can’t wait to teach them again next week!
I hope you all have a lovely (not too soggy!) weekend,
Miss Freeman