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Weekly Update 8

Dear Parents,
Where has this week gone?! I’ve got so much to tell you about, I’m going to dive straight in!
In Maths this week we have introduced the concept of fractions. On Monday, the children designed table mats for Teddy’s party that used two colours. We discussed how the two sections on the table mats must be equal in order to be halves. They spent time folding shapes in half and colouring/labelling the correct fractions. On Wednesday we went one step further… the children were able to identify quarters of a variety of shapes. We discussed folding shapes in half, then half again to make four equal parts. A number of children really challenged themselves by folding shapes into eight parts and thinking about what fraction they could write if they coloured one of the eight sections – tricky stuff!
In Literacy we have been learning how to read, follow, and write instructions. The children now know that instructions contain ‘bossy’ verbs (e.g. get, put, choose, sit, etc). They worked in pairs to give and follow instructions around the playground – they loved being ‘bossy’ when saying their verb choices to each other! In the classroom we have written our own sets of instructions for how to use the school library. All of the children remembered to use the bossy verbs in their writing, and some even used some time connectives to link their ideas… what a lucky teacher I am to have such fantastic writers in Year 1!
In our Topic lessons we have learnt about Diwali celebrations. The children used the Espresso website to research the recent celebrations using the ‘My first newspaper’ resources as well as the short news clips. We have shared the story of Rama and Sita, and discussed some Hindu traditions. The children made beautiful Rangoli patterns in the classroom, and transferred a few of them on to the KS1 playground using chalk pastels. This afternoon we finished the unit by drawing round our hands, cutting them out, and decorating them with mehndi patterns using glitter glues – they looked beautiful!
Once again, the swimming lessons went exceptionally well on Thursday. Mr Bailey is very impressed with the ability levels in the class – many children swam a length independently this week! For those children with less swimming experience, Mr Bailey has commented on the quick progress they are making within each session. I am a very proud teacher!
Homework this week involves logging on to the My Maths website. The children brought home a letter today containing their log in details. For now, I would just like them to try logging in (with your support if possible please) and trying a few of the Level 1 activities. Once everybody has had a chance to log in, I will set some specific homework tasks for the children to complete. If you have any questions or problems when accessing the website please do let me know!
Thank you all for your support and generous contributions towards Children in Need today – the children looked fantastic in their crazy socks, and I know many of them are hoping to see a snippet of the show on BBC1 tonight before bedtime!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman