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Weekly Update 9

Dear Parents,
There’s a lot to tell you about again this week, I won’t waste time…!
This week was ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ across the nation. The children started the week by thinking about what a bully is, and what actions might be considered as bullying. We shared a story about a small fish called Wilfred who was bullied by a jellyfish – the story highlighted how friends coming together (and standing strong) can beat bullying. Following this, we had a class circle time about our experiences of bullying. I was delighted that all of the children said they have never seen or experienced any form of bullying during their time at Cedar Park. We discussed why we are a ‘bully-free’ school and designed anti-bullying shields to show our ideas. Many of the children commented on the kindness of their friends, and the feeling of trust between children and teachers. We will be displaying our shields in school to celebrate how lucky we are to have such a friendly and thoughtful school.
In Literacy this week the children have enjoyed reading the story ‘Can’t you sleep Little Bear?’ We have discussed the characters, setting and plot and have created our own ideas for a new Little Bear story. Some children presented their ideas as a story strip (using pictures and captions) whilst others wrote their stories, trying hard to use adjectives, connectives and super sentence starters! Next week we will be looking at another wintry story that is always very popular… but I’m afraid I won’t be revealing the title until Monday morning – it’s a surprise!
In Maths we have been counting on/back in ones and recording our operations as addition and subtraction number sentences. I have seen a huge improvement in the children’s knowledge of numbers over the past few weeks – most are becoming confident using two digit numbers in a number sentence (e.g. 67 + 9 = ). We are currently using 100 squares and number lines to help us, although a few children are challenging themselves to work them out mentally! If your child finds number work difficult, please do try to refer to numbers in everyday situations as often as possible. This may include pointing out numbers on road signs, prices in shops, channels on the television etc. Your support is very much appreciated!
Next week we will be returning to our celebrations topic with a Science approach. Having learnt about Bonfire Night and Diwali in previous weeks, the children have highlighted that the two celebrations have one thing in common… light! Therefore we will be using this opportunity to complete our Science unit about light and dark. The children will become investigators as they learn about light around us.
Swimming was great again on Thursday. The children are really listening carefully to Mr Bailey, and are all keen to improve their swimming skills. Mr Bailey also commented on how well behaved the children are… what a lucky teacher I am!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,
Miss Freeman