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Weekly Update - Friday 8th May

Dear Parents,
This week in Year 1 our ‘Wonderful World’ topic has moved us on to a Science based unit about animals. So far the children have discussed the appearance, characteristics and needs of pets, the common characteristics of mammals, and the similarities and differences between birds and reptiles. Next week we will be learning about fish and amphibians with a focus on life cycles. At the end of next week we hope to go on a mini-beast hunt around the school grounds and present our data using tally charts and block graphs.
In Literacy this week we have had a skills focus week, concentrating on punctuation, handwriting and phonics. The children are really responding well to our Penpals handwriting scheme, and we are now ready to move on to joining our letters together… one step at a time of course! We hope that you have found Mrs Haskell’s letter (sent home on Friday) useful in explaining the new scheme, but as always, please do come and chat to me if you have any further questions about it.
In Maths this week we have been focusing on the introduction of division through sharing. The children have tackled word problems such as ‘Mrs Marsh has 25 sweets. She wants to share them equally between 5 children. How many sweets will each child get?’ We are encouraging the children to draw pictures to show their workings e.g. draw five plates, draw one sweet on each plate until you have given out 25. How many on each plate? When recording a division number sentence, we would expect the children to show 25 ÷ 5 = 5 and say “25 sweets shared between 5 children, equals 5 sweets each.”
As you will be aware, our Year 1 Phonics Screening Test is approaching, and will be completed next half term. This will be delivered in an informal manner with each child. The children will be asked to come and read to me outside of the classroom, in a way that is very familiar to them. We have completed several ‘practises’ of these sessions now, so that the children are comfortable with the format – they will be oblivious to the fact they are being tested, and as always, will be praised for their fantastic efforts! It is vital at this time that reading is taking place regularly at home. Please feel free to read alternative materials at home that your child enjoys (comics, library books, favourite home books etc.) and make a note of these in the Reading Record book. School books do not have to be read every night, but daily reading (in some form) is so important. We have a list of helpful website links on our class page which contain a variety of fun phonics games that could be used as an alternative reading activity. Thank you for your continued support with this.
In the final week of term we will be completing an exciting DT project called ‘Super Bugs’. For this project each child will need their own plastic bottle (500ml ideally) – please send in one bottle with your child’s name on before Monday 18th May. You will receive a letter in book bags next week explaining more details! Thank you!
Finally, I know the Friends of Cedar Park are working hard to organise the Fun Run on Sunday 14th June. Please remember to register your details to take part in this exciting event!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Freeman