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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1’s Class Page!


We are all excited to be part of a new class in Year 1. Mrs Harrison will be teaching on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs Franklin on Tuesday mornings and all day on Thursdays and Fridays. We are supported by Mrs Marsh, Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Sirrell and are looking forward to lots of fun, excitement and learning this year.


Here is just a selection of the interesting things we will be doing or learning about………


Animals, Swimming, Time, Music, Bears, Where we live, Gymnastics, The Seaside, Pirates, Festivals, Ourselves, Light and Dark, Relationships, ,Magnets, Growing Things, Judaism, Patterns in Nature, Christianity, Dance, Shapes, Computers, Information around us, Feelings, Materials,


….. and these are all in addition to all the stories we will have as well as learning to read, write, use numbers and do calculations.


We have lots of fun and we work hard in Year 1 through play, group work, individual work, whole class teaching and free choice learning. Our classroom will have lots of different areas such as a writing/art table, reading area, computers, sand and water and a role play area which will begin as though we are going on an African jeep safari.  We are also pleased to have our new outside area and will be making the most of going outside to learn too.


Please feel free to come and discuss any questions you have either with Mrs Franklin or Mrs Harrison.


Some Practical Points

  •  PE is on Mondays (Games) and Thursdays (Gymnastics).  Please keep a named PE kit in school all the time so the children don’t miss out.  The children will need a tracksuit when the weather gets cooler as we will go outside whenever possible. Swimming will begin after the half term holiday.
  • Spellings will be sent home on a Thursday to be learnt for a test the following week.  The words will either be common words or words using a particular phonic pattern.  Please focus on the phonic pattern to help your child learn the words and be able to use the pattern in their own writing.
  • Library books will be coming home on a Tuesday and can be changed each week if they are in the book bags.
  • Reading books will come home in the book bags.  Please keep them in there as we hear these books at school too.  Please read other books from home too.
  • The children need a fruit or vegetable snack from home for the morning and we will give them a piece of fruit or vegetable for the afternoon snack.
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