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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


The Year 1 teacher is called Miss Bennett


The teaching assistant is called Mrs Marsh


In Science we have been learning about Ourselves and Pushes and Pulls. We have done a few investigations, testing what makes things move and stop and other investigations include seeing whether the tallest person in the class is the oldest person. We will be going outside to find out what natural factors are forces such as the wind and water and how they make things move.


In number work we have been practising counting in tens, and recently moving onto finding 10 more and 10 less of a number. We used our Mr Centipede display and song to help us.


We have learnt lots about the different types of houses there are, and what homes were like a hundred years ago and what they’re like today. We will be making our own houses and street to put on display in the classroom, and also thinking of some warm, comfortable hedgehog houses to make before Christmas so that they have somewhere to hibernate.


We play lots of number and phonic games in the classroom to help us with our number and reading skills.