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Year 4 Class Assembly- The Roman Army

The 1V Cedar Park legion marched into the hall at 9.00 this morning to give their parents and the children a taste of life as a Roman soldier. The well-disciplined, well-trained and well-equipped soldiers showed some Roman battle formations called the tortoise and the wedge. They explained how important the Roman standards were and read some letters they had written home to their families back in Rome. I think you will agree they are a formidable fighting force.
Picture 1 Camouflage Design
Picture 2 Now you see me, now you don't!
Picture 3 1V Cedar Park Legion
Picture 4 or Testudo!!
Picture 5 The Tortoise Formation
Picture 6 The Wedge Formation
Picture 7 Roman Standards
Picture 8 Re-designing Shields
Picture 9 Well-Equipped Soldiers??