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Year 6

Welcome To Year 6

To help explain what Year Six do,

I wrote this little rhyme for you,

To begin we have Eleven Plus,

But we don’t like to make a fuss,

Much more exciting is Cycling Awareness,

As on the roads you can’t be careless,

We also learn how to behave,

By going back to Victorian days,

Little do the teachers know,

It’s Year 6 now who run the show,

Monitor jobs are really cool,

Without us teachers couldn’t run the school,

We use adverbs and adjectives in our writing,

To try and make it more exciting,

We can measure, temperature, length and weight,

And have SATs in Spring, I just can’t wait,

But after that it’s fun all the way,

With River Dart and the Year 6 play,

After 7 years at Cedar Park,

With tears in our eyes we will depart,

We’re safe, successful and happy too,

Prepared for the adventure of Secondary School!

So in Year 6 you’ll have a ball,

With Mrs Palmer and Mrs Small!

Picture 1 Well Behaved!!
Picture 2 Individual!!
Picture 3 Enthusiastic!!