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Year 2

Hello and welcome to Year 2!


September is here and the start of a new year at school.  We hope everyone has really enjoyed their Summer holidays and is looking forward to a year of fun and learning in Year 2. As always the year will be packed full of interesting skills to master, facts to learn and exciting things to do.  Let's get started!


Staff in Year 2.

Mrs Harper will be teaching in Year 2 all day on a Monday and on a Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs Franklin will be teaching in Year 2 on a Tuesday morning and all day on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Edwicker is the teaching assistant in Year 2 every morning and on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Mr Schofield is the teaching assistant in Year 2 every afternoon.


Year 2 Curriculum.


Below is a brief idea of what we will cover this term although the curriculum news will be sent out soon and will outline the topics of study for this term in more detail.


In the first half term our topic is Katie Morag who is a character in a set of books.  We use these to explore learning about different places.  We will also study 'The Two Marys' - which refers to Mary Anning and Mary Seacole, two famous ladies form the past.  In Science we focus on investigating living organisms.


In the second half term we will study The Great Fire of London.  We are going to share a learning day with another local school to try to bring the 'history off the page' for the children.  I am sure this will be a day of exciting activities for the children and more information will follow. In Science we will look at the different habitats of different creatures.


Other Useful Information



First Half Term - Games in on a Tuesday afternoon.  Please ensure kits are in school every day though. Swimming will start on Thursdays for Year 2 on the 20th September 2018.


Second half term - there will be a coach for Games on a Monday and gym will be on a Thursday.


Reading Books

Reading books will come home on a Wednesday.  Please return reading books and reading records to school each Wednesday to be changed.  The children will have a mix of books that are either new to them or will have already been read at school.  Please do record every time your child reads with you. The reading records will be returned on a Thursday.  A sticker will be placed in the book if a child has read aloud 4 or more times that week and a certificate will be given after 10 stickers are earned in Year 2. Please do take the opportunity to talk about the story with your child. Comprehension of the text is as important as reading the words so please ask them questions about the plot, characters and why things happened.



Our class library slot is on a Thursday so please return any books on a Thursday so that your child may choose two more books to enjoy each week. 


Words for Writing and Home Learning

A list of words will come home on a Friday for the spellings to be learnt for a test on the following Thursday.  Most lists will be based on a phonic pattern with the aim being for the children to learn the phonic patterns as well as the words.  A second piece of home learning will also come home on a Friday to be returned the following Thursday.  This will usually be maths or english but could be any subject.


First Half term daily reminder

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  PE - Games

reading books and

reading records to school

Library books

Home Learning to school

Spelling test day

PE - swimming

Home learning sent home

New spellings sent home



Snacks and water bottles

Please provide a snack for your child to eat in the morning and bear in mind that we would like this to be a healthy option of fruit or vegetables.  The children will still be given a healthy snack each afternoon so there is no need to provide an afternoon snack.  Please also send in a water bottle for use in the classroom which is separate to the bottle in their lunch box.



We would really appreciate it if your child could have a school book bag to bring all their home learning, spellings and books to and from school.  We like the book bags to go in drawers in the classroom so that the children do not need to go to the cloakroom to collect things.  


Please do ensure that everything is named.  We will do our best then to try to reunite any lost property with it's rightful owner!


If you have any questions to concerns please do not hesitate to make an appointment or catch us on the playground at the end of the day.


We are looking forward to working with your children and having a wonderful year.


Mrs Franklin and Mrs Harper.


'Working together to be the best we can.'