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Year 3

Year 3's projects on Countries of the World.

Sharing stories with Year 1 on World Book Day

Sharing stories with Year 1 on World Book Day 1
Sharing stories with Year 1 on World Book Day 2
Sharing stories with Year 1 on World Book Day 3

Topic Home Learning


Your challenge is to find out what you can about the human and physical geography of a particular European country.  Do lots of research and present the information you have found in either a poster or leaflet.


You have until the 8th March to bring it into school.



Read some Super Big Writing by Frazer, Eleana and Milo Fitzpatrick.

Welcome back!   We hope you all had a great Christmas break and a very Happy New Year.   Thank you so much for all your Christmas cards, presents and very generous gift cards.  They're all very much appreciated.


We're looking forward to a busy and productive time ahead!


Our topic this term is "Our World" and the children will be learning all about the key geographical features of the United Kingdom and how to locate towns cities, seas and coasts.  They'll also be identifying the major European capitals and find out about the differences between the world's continents.  Some of our literacy and art learning this term will be linked to our Topic work.  


The Curriculum News for Spring which will be published shortly, will outline all the areas of study in greater detail.


Staff in Year 3

Teachers - Mrs Knight-Thomas (Mon-Wed am), Mrs Carmichael (Wed-Fri).
Assistant (Mon-Fri am) - Miss Nicholls.


Other Information:


Home Reading Records -  Please continue to read with your child in Year 3 as much as possible and record a minimum of 4 times in the Reading Record book.  This should be handed in on a Monday morning to be checked, and then it is returned to your child. If your child reads a minimum of 4 times for 4 weeks (these don't have to be consecutive weeks) they will be rewarded with a sticker!  Reading books will be handed out on a Monday.


Homework Diaries -  Please make sure these are in school EVERY day and signed each Monday morning to confirm that your child has shown you their diary.   Diaries should be handed in on a Monday and will be checked for a signature.  They are a great means of communication between school and home, and the children will be writing in them often to send messages back from the teachers.  Feel free to use this as a method to communicate with us too.


Homework -  In the first half of the term, maths homework  will be set on a Wednesday and should be handed in the following Monday morning.   In the second half of the term homework will be set on a Friday and should be handed in the following Friday.  Later this term there will be a topic project to be carried out at home and details will be sent out shortly for this! 


Spellings - a spelling test will take place on Monday mornings and new spellings will be handed out on a Tuesday.


Cracking Times Tables – will take place on a Friday morning.  This is a fun way for the children to learn their times tables, which are so important at this stage of their learning.  It's important that the children spend some time at home learning their multiplication tables.  Please continue to use Times Tables Rock stars at home as much as possible as it's having an amazing effect on the children's learning!


Library - we will visit the library on a Monday afternoon. 


PE  -  PE lessons this half-term will take place on Monday and Thursday afternoons.  On Mondays we will have Games and on Thursdays we will have Gymnastics.  In the second half of this term, we will have Swimming on Thursday mornings.


If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to make an appointment through the office or send an email to  You can also catch one of us on the playground at the end of the day. 


Kind regards, 


Mrs Carmichael, Mrs Knight-Thomas, Miss Nicholls.


Stone Age Headdresses


We designed and created our own Stone Age Headdresses.

Picture 1

Our Visit to Chiltern Open Air Museum.


A very wet day, but a good time had by all!!


Cave Art