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Curriculum Intent


At Cedar Park School we design our curriculum with the LEARN statement at the forefront of our minds. This is what we believe that our curriculum should be, include or have within it.

Life-long: We want children to remember the skills, knowledge and concepts that they learn and are exposed to. Our curriculum is layered in a way that enables children to build long-term memory.


Engaging: Life-long learning is made possible by engaging our pupils in their learning. We want to immerse them at the beginning of units with strong, memorable hooks, and then keep engagement high with carefully planned lessons. 


Accessible: Learning should be for everyone and accessible to all, no matter what the children's background is or what their barriers to learning might be. We adapt teaching and learning so that children are able to meet objectives. 


Responsive: Our staff are responsive to the needs of the children. They use their assessment to tailor future planning, Check In sessions and High Five. Our pupils are responsive to the feedback given to them by the staff. This may be live during lessons, during Check In or through written feedback. 


No Ceiling: Our vision for the school is for their to be 'no limits'. Part of this means no restrictions put on children. We strive for every pupil to succeed by opening up opportunities and possibilities. 


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For further information and to see our curriculum in action please visit our class pages.