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Examples of our Home Learning

Rotten Roman Doctors

Still image for this video

By Oliver, Madison and Lyla Rose

The Roman Army

By Callum
A Roman Centurion by Charlie

A Cake for the Class baked by Erin!

Letters from Hadrian's Wall

By Oliver
By Madison

Science Experiment: Have a look at what happened to the eggs (representing teeth) that Callum left in water, coke, lime squash and lucozade for a week. Can you guess which is which?

Charlie's Amazing Video on Julius Caesar

Still image for this video

Boudicca's Rebellion News Reports

By Madison

Krish's Celtic Times

Symmetrical Monsters: Do they look a bit like Mr Smith and Mrs Carmichael?!!!

Roman Road Posters and Reports

Ellani's Roman Road Report

Frazer's Roman Road Report

Madison's Roman Road Poster


Julius Caesar Diaries - Veni, vidi, vici!

Oliver's Diary

By Josie

Frazer's Diary


Triangle poster

Tangrams: Oliver and Frazer have sent in some of their tangrams, can you guess what they are? If you did some then please send them in and I will add them to the collection.

World Record Holder!

Regular and Irregular shapes: Can you work out which are which?

Sharks book review by Jessica

Some pictures from your Shape Scavenger Hunts

An amazing model of the Globe Theatre by Jessica

Aurelia's Science learning about animals and their habitats

Some Home Learning during the School Closure

Frazer's Bar Chart

A Romulus and Remus storyboard from Josie

Frazer's Romulus and Remus storyboard

Madison's trip to the Globe

Science Classification Key

Caitlin's Statistics