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Welcome to all our children, their families and carers!

In Nursery, the class teacher is Mrs Bevins and the Nursery Nurse is Mrs Delmaine. We will collect the children from the playground at 8.50am each weekday morning and bring them up to the gate by the School Office for collection at 11.50am. Should you need to speak to us, please see a member of staff at either of these times or email the office directly and we will contact you.

Each day your child will need to bring with them a named bookbag, a named water bottle, a named coat or jacket suitable for the weather and a smile!


Our Spring 2 topic is:

'Magical Kingdoms'




Week 1: Magical Beans. Where does Jack live? How did Jack get some magic beans and what happened to them? Who lives in the castle in the sky?  

Key text: Jack and the Beanstalk (a traditional tale).

Can you draw your own picture of the castle in the sky or the beanstalk?



Week 2: Magical Stories and Potions and World Book Day.

Do you have a favourite book? Can you talk about it? Do you have a favourite character? What do find interesting about the book you have chosen? What is a potion? Do you have an idea for making a magic potion?

Key text: Room on the Broom. 

Can you write some rhyming words? 



Week 3: Magical Woodlands and Mother's Day (14th March). We will be making our own magical garden or wood - who might live there? What sort of plants or flowers might you include? Have you heard of fairies, elves and unicorns? 

We will also be talking about Mother's Day.

How does your lovely mummy help you? What makes her so special?

Key text: Zog - various stories. 

Can you draw a picture of a dragon or a made-up creature using your imagination? What would you call him / her? Where would he / she live in a magical wood?



Week 4: Magical Kingdoms in the Sky. Where does Baby Bear travel to? What did he see? Can you think of a magical place in the sky - a cloud, star or perhaps a planet? Do you think it would be exciting to live on a star? Do you have your own ideas about a magical place in the sky?

Key text: Whatever Next! 

Can you draw a picture of a magical place in the sky? Can you label your picture or write a short sentence about it? 



Week 5:  Magical Journeys. Have you been for a walk in a magical place? Rosie walks through a farmyard  - where would you choose to walk? What things would you like to see, hear or smell? How long would it take you to get to the end of your magical journey and what would you want to find waiting for you?

Key text: Rosie's Walk

Can you make a magical journey story map, adding pictures and maybe some words? 



Week 6: Magical Rhymes. Do you have a favourite rhyme? Is it a nursery rhyme? Can you remember the words? Recently, we have looked at lots of picture story books with rhyming words in them - can you remember any?  

Key texts: Chicken Licken and The Rhyming Rabbit

Who follows Chicken Licken? What is he looking for? Are there any rhyming words in this traditional tale?

What does Rhyming Rabbit like to do? Why does he decide to leave his home and friends? What happens at the end of the story? 

Can you draw a picture of a chick or an egg and write some rhyming words?

For example:

Chick, lick, pick, quick

Egg, peg, Meg, leg

Or maybe you have your own ideas for an Easter themed rhyme?