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Literacy Project

In each KS2 class, we have been discovering the joy of reading and the excitement that a book can bring. The children have been celebrating the delivery of 12 new age-appropriate books, across a range of genres. Teachers have been dropping hints as to what these books might be about through activities and games.


From this, the children have been given a reading partner in their classes to read the same text with. The partners have agreed which book to read for their reading project.


Each week, the children will have a certain amount of pages to read at home and will be given opportunities in school to read the book as well. These pages will be written in the home learning diaries so that you can encourage this reading at home and become a part of the reading process.


After the half term week (Monday 24th February), the children should have finished their book ready for the start of a reading project across KS2 next half term.


For some children, this process will give them an opportunity to broaden their horizons- delving into genres they may never have encountered before. Hopefully, for others, this will show them the joy and excitement that reading can bring, sending them on a new journey of discovery.

The images below show the books which have been chosen for the class. Clicking the image will take you to the publisher’s page from where you will be able to find further information about the book and the author.


Happy reading and thank you for your support.

Letters from the Lighthouse book coverSky Hawk book cover








Swimming Against the Storm book coverLittle Bird Flies book coverWho Let the Gods Out? book coverThe Butterfly Lion book cover








Goodnight Mr Tom book coverWolf Brother book coverKrindlekrax book coverThe Nowhere Emporium