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Welcome to Reception Class.


Useful publication:

What to expect, when? A parents’ guide

The purpose of this booklet is to help you as a parent/carer find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years, in relation to the EYFS. Children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than at any other time. This booklet has been written to help you as a parent know what to expect during these vitally important years by focusing on the seven areas of learning and development which are covered in the EYFS.


Our topic for Summer 2 is 'Adventures'.



Here is a guide for you when deciding what to bring in for Show and Tell on a Monday. Please send in one item only -

thank you!


For more detailed information about our learning this half term, please see our class newsletter at the bottom of this page.



Week 1: Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be talking about Jack's adventures. Who are the other characters in this story? Who planted the beans in Jack's garden? Why was Jack's mummy cross with him? If you had some magic beans, where would you plant them? Why was the cow so important? What would you like to find at the very top of a giant beanstalk? I wonder how tall our beanstalks have grown? How could be measure them? Can you recall planting them?

Can you draw a story map and label it? Could you write a speech bubble for one of the characters in the story? 

Parts  / lines for our Class Assembly will be given out during the next two weeks. Please check your child's bookbag and contact me if you have any concerns, thank you.


Week 2: Superhero boy characters. What is a superhero? Can you name some superhero story boy characters? What sort of power would you like to have and why? 

Can you write a sentence about your favourite superhero character and share it with our class?


Week 3: Superhero girl characters. How would you describe your favourite girl superhero story character? What powers does she have?  Can you write a message to your superhero? If you could ask her a question, what would you want to find out?  

Can you write some superhero action words e.g. Pow! Zap!  


Week 4: Travelling - travel agents and our trip to the zoo.  What sort of things would you find in a travel agents? Can you make holiday bookings online? Can you name some other countries? How long would it take you to travel to Australia if you were travelling by plane from England? Can you name some animals that live in New Zealand? Where have you travelled to and what did you do there? Do you know what a map is? Could you make your own map?

 We will be travelling around Whipsnade Zoo - can you write your own entrance ticket? You could design your own zoo!


Week 5: Art Week - whole school event. Africa will be our inspiration for Art Week and we will be working and learning closely with another year group. What do you know about Africa? Can you recall our topic about animals and name the ones that live in Africa? Can you describe the African drums that you saw in assembly last half term? 

Think of some art ideas about Africa that you might like to try. You could record your ideas and share them with the class.  

Our Class Assembly will take place on Friday 5th July. 



Week 6: Keeping fit (sports). We will be practising different sports activities and team events for our Sports Day on Wednesday 10th July. Can you name some sport's equipment? Why is it important to take exercise and stay fit and healthy? Should we exercise everyday? Can you name some team games? Is it important to work as a team and support each other? Do you have a favourite sport? What are the game rules?

Can you make up a game and demonstrate it to the class?



Week 7: Water and Pirates and Princesses Dressing-up Day. This week we will be exploring water. Where does water come from before it reaches our taps? Can you describe water? Do we need to drink water? How could we prevent wasting water?

Can you keep a tally score chart showing how many times you used water in one day? 

Our dressing up day will be on Wednesday 17th July (a letter will be sent out at the beginning of the half term with all the details).


Week 8: Travelling on and our end of the school year picnic. Our last week together before travelling on to a new class. We will be talking about our favourite times in Reception and thinking ahead to new adventures in KS1.

Picnic morning in the school grounds- details will be sent out during the beginning of the half term.

Can you write a list of your favourite snack foods?



Key picture books we will be reading:


Jack and the Beanstalk

Jim and the Beanstalk

Princess stories linked to our previous traditional tales topic

Super Tato

Super Daisy

Super worm

Super Duck

My Granny is a Pirate

Pirates Love Underpants

Pirate Pete


Non-fiction books about travelling and other countries

Non-fiction books about water




We will be learning some superhero words and phrases - do you know some already? 



If you would like to come in and talk to the children about a current job related to our topic, please speak to one of the EYFS team.



Habits Of Mind: There will be a different focus each week. Please ask your child for more information.


Growth Mindset: Please talk to your child about Ruby Reflection and Robert Resilience. What do Ruby and Robert like to do in school? 



Useful reminders:


A water bottle and warm waterproof coat should be brought into school every day. PLEASE NAME ALL ITEMS. Thank you.



Show and Tell: (one topic related item only)

Reading books and Reading Records: Books go home. Please make a short comment about your child's reading and interest in the book/s. If you have any queries please come and see me. Reading books and records should be kept in your child's book bag every day (see below for return details).



Home Learning books and Phonics books: these need to be returned to school so they can be updated.

Cooking: On alternative weeks (usually topic related). Thank you for your contribution towards the cost of ingredients.



Reading books and Record books: these need to be returned so they can be changed and ready for Monday.

Phonics books and Home Learning books: go home at the end of the day.

P.E: Please make sure that a PE kit is in school at all times (it can be left on your child's peg until the end of each half term).

Library day: we visit our school library and select one book to bring home each week. Please make sure that library books are returned every Friday morning prior to our next visit. Unfortunately we are not able to issue a new book unless the previous on has been returned.

Hugo Dog: goes home at the end of the day and is returned on Monday morning. Please see below for further information about Hugo Dog.



Hugo Dog.


Hugo is our cuddly dog. He will be coming home for the weekend with your child sometime during their time in reception. Here is a message from him:


Hello, my name is Hugo Dog and I am pleased that I am coming home with you this weekend. I have brought lots of things with me in my special bag as I will need to change my clothes and brush my teeth after eating. Please bring me back to school on Monday morning and don't forget to write about our adventures (on an A4 sheet) for your Learning Journey. You can add photographs if you like! I am looking forward to having lots of fun with you.


Please make sure you pack my belongings in my bag on Sunday. If any of them get lost or broken they will need to be replaced please as I plan to visit all the children in our class.


With love from


Hugo xx



If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Please remember to look at or current newsletter for more detailed information about our learning.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Franek




Our fantastic trip to Whipsnade Zoo.

Festival of Triangles. The children made triangles and also found some.