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The Key Stage 2 Reading Championship







Endurance racing is the ultimate test of any racer.

In the Key Stage 2 Reading Endurance Race, children compete individually (against set targets) and as a team against other Houses and Year Groups, to read as much as possible in order to send their cars flying around the track.



The aim is to read up to 7 times a week in order to tick off sections of the track and advance your car on in the race. There are 30 sections to reach meaning a total of 300 reads are needed to reach the finish.



Does this mean you have to read 300 books?! Well, no. We classify a ‘read’ as being a single session of reading that is at least 15 minutes long. The aim is just to read regularly. Some of you will speed through these, but for others it may feel just too far to reach.


This challenge is about perseverance. You try to achieve what you can. Even reaching 100 reads will be a fantastic achievement! And don’t forget, you can now work as a team so whatever you achieve, it will help your team.

Can you read more than 7 times a week? Of course! That would be fantastic. We just limit the recording to 7 per week to make it more of an endurance challenge than one of speed.



Wait? Teams? Yes! This year, we have added in the chance to team up in Houses and Year Groups to compete for additional rewards.



Ready to take up the challenge? Simply collect a Progress sheet from your teacher, select a car with your own unique design and then get reading!


Not sure what to read? Check out the Bookflix lists in your class, talk to your teacher or check out the suggestions on your Year Group Booklist.




As you complete reads, you’ll be able to move your car on and collect the rewards as you go.



The scene is set for another challenging seasons. But, in the end, only the best endurance racers who have proved to be top of their game throughout the season will be worthy of receiving a 2023-24 Gold Certificate and place on the Wall of Racing Legends!